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Are you interested in finding out more about your family history. I can help you bring the past alive by restoring your precious photos, guiding you through the complexities of family history research or creating interesting and informative charts, records or stories for you.  

Personal Family History

Browse through my personal family history to check out examples of my work.

Passey/Rhead Family 

Digital Photo Restoration.jpg

Young/Dennison Family 

Charlotte Amelia Ann Dennison (Sharkey).

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital Photo Restoration.jpg

Do you have any treasured family photos that aren't in very good shape?


Let me see if I can assist you with the restoration of your treasured but damaged old photographs wherever you are in Australia.

Margaret Hutchings.jpg

Once I have supplied you with a quote all you need to do is to scan your photos then email them to me and I will do the rest.

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Family History Research

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Read my blog to get some ideas for your research.

Family History Research.jpg

Have you ever tried to start researching your family history but find it difficult and confusing?  

Find my past.jpg
Family Search.jpg

I can help by:

  • teaching you how to use Family Search, Ancestry or Find My Past to gather information and set up a family tree

  • getting you started and then providing ongoing support

  • finding information for you

Journey Through Time

Generation Map.jpg

Your family history can be more than family trees. I am able to create a variety of family stories,  charts, books and presentations to help bring the story of your ancestors to life. 

Rhead Timelines1a.jpg
What did they do.jpg


Pete Young Photography

Peter Young Photography

High quality images for use in publications, websites, digital marketing and promotion.

0421 559289

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